Consultation and test patch R550
Entire Forehead including Lines R3500
Horizontal Forehead Lines R3000
Vertical Frown Lines R2000
Nose R2000
Nasolabial Folds R2500
Jaw Lift R2000
Full Neck R3500
Full Neck & Decollete R4500
Decolette R3000
Upper Eye Lift R2500
Under Eye R2500
Full Eye Area R4000
Crows Feet R2500
Full Cheeks R2000
Upper Lip R1750
Lower Lip R1750
Full Mouth R3000
Full Face up to Jaw Line R7000
Half Face up to Collarbone R9000
Tummy Tuck R3000
Bum Lift R3000
Stretch Mark Reduction R2500
Aftercare Kit R1050




Swedish Massage
R500 (45 min) R690 (90min)
A relaxing full body
massage focusing on relaxing affluence strokes with moderate pressure.
Very relaxing and stress relieving.

Deep Tissue Massage
R550 (60 min) R750 (90min)
An intense full body
massage focusing on deep tissue work with deep pressure. Very invigorating and you will come away feeling that muscle tension has been eased.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
R320 (30 min) R380 (30 min) R500(45min)
A relaxing back ,neck and shoulders massage focusing on relaxing affluence strokes with moderate pressure

Pressure Point Leg & Feet
R390 (40 min)
A relaxing, mildly intense
foot massage with the focus on relaxation and stress relief.

Indian Head Massage
R170(15 min)

Hot Stone Massage
R650 (60 min)
A relaxing full body massage focusing
on relaxing affluence strokes with moderate pressure. Very relaxing and stress relieving. Choose from our 3 signature blends.

Aromatherapy Massage
R750 (60 min)
A relaxing full body massage
focusing on relaxing affluence strokes with moderate pressure. Very relaxing and stress relieving.




Consultation and test patch R430

Brows initial session R1950

Brows follow up session R950

Aftercare Kit R450

Permanent Make Up Eyeliner
Top Eyeliner R950
Top & Bottom Eyeliner Black R1250
Top Color & Bottom Black Eyeliner R1550 
(choose blue, purple or green)
Touch ups R750 per session
(Touch ups within 3 weeks or a new application will be charged for.)

Permanent Make Up Lip Blush
Full lip R1550 



Sports Massage
R420 (20 min)
Deep Pressure with Acupressure to relieve deep knots and spasms.

Rehab Sports Massage
R650 (60 min)
Deep Pressure with Acupressure
depending on the area that needs healing. Our Sport’s Therapist will apply heat, cold packs and use the latest technology to assure a healing experience. Ideal for Sport’s Athletes. Not this is a specialist treatment and not a relaxing massage.

R495 (40 min)
Use of foot pressure points to relax and rejuvenate the body

Hopi Ear Candling Massage
R165 (20 min)
Ideal for blocked sinuses and
ear health.

Kinesiology Strapping
1 area R120

Red Light Muscle Session
R250 (40 min)
A deep pressure massage
incorporating acupressure and red light heat to help remove lymph blockages and facilitate healing.

‘Mum to Be’ Back Massage
R500 (40 min)
A gentle relaxing treatment for
the mum to be.


Hydradermie Lift Facial – a superior facial with an international reputation
1 hour | R850,00
This specialised anti-ageing facial
treatment gives immediate and long-lasting visible results that improve the skin’s appearance. Designed for skin that shows a loss of elasticity, it treats both the skin and delicate facial muscles for an immediate ‘lift’ and overall boost in radiance. Using a safe effective microcurrent, the Hydraderm machine – unique to Guinot – eliminates toxins, improves skin tone and works on the underlying muscle structure to ‘lift’ and firm the eye area, face and neck. Suitable for all skin types.

Hydradermie 2 Plus Facial – a deluxe facial treatment
1 hour 15 mins | R1200,00
A Hydradermie Double Ionization Facial with added specific treatments for the delicate eye and neck areas plus the luxurious massage, specially developed for the neck, décolleté, shoulders and arms using relaxing and toning essential oils. Adding in Derma Needling and an Eye Logic Treatment specifically designed to address all aging concerns

Age Summum
Pigmentation and Fine line removal with collagen boosting hyaluronic acid infusion
60min | R840 Derma Needle
Add on R1300 for better infusion and collagen production

Hydradermie Double Ionization – the ultimate rejuvenation facial
60 min | R850
A monthly Hydradermie Facial will keep your skin in optimum condition. The therapist will customize the treatment to suit your skin type: De-hydrated, mature, oily sensitive or pigmented.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux
30 min | R840
This version of the treatment
specifically targets the area around the eyes to reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It hydrates and regenerates, as well as lifting the eyelids and smoothing fine lines, to restore a relaxed rejuvenated look to the whole eye area.

Hydraderm Eye Logic
40 mins | R620,00
Reduces puffiness and dark
circles around the eyes. Eye logic regulates superficial blood circulation and visibly decongests the eye contour area. The eyelids are soothed and feel lighter.

Lift Summum
60mins | R1200
The Lift Summum treatment contains the key active ingredient Pro-Collagen and is 100% dedicated to skin firmness and youthfulness. When it is applied to the face and neck, Pro Collagen Concentrate helps the skin fully recover its elasticity.

Age Summum Facial
75mins | R1050
Use the best anti-aging technique to
rejuvenate your face. Age Summum is a 50-minute anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm and restore the skin’s radiance. It redensifies the skin, revitalizes and smoothes wrinkles, with results visible after the first treatment.More than just a rejuvenating effect, the treatment combats the signs of aging.

PH Hydra Peel
45mins | R1250-00
Guinot’s Hydra Peel treatments
exfoliate, resurface, moisturize and renew the skin.Experience no downtime and no rough skin after this revolutionary peel.

Guinot Basic Facial
R530 (45 min)
A gentle relaxing facial consisting
of cleanse, tone, mask & moisturize.

Guinot Tres Homme Men’s Deep Cleanse Facial
R600 (60 min)
The ultimate
men’s facial consisting of a sonic deep cleanse, beard wash, scrub, mask, beard oil and mini indian head massage with Omega Man Oils.

Guinot Deep Cleanse Facial
R450 (60 min)
Consisting of a sonic deep
cleanse, scrub, mask, massage with Omega Man Oils.remove

Derma Needling/Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy Acne Derma pen session

Pigmentation Derma pen Session

Vitamin Infusion Session

Scar rejuvenation Session

Stretch Mark Treatment with RF Session


Thalgo Thermal Relaxing Scrub
R650,00 | 60 – 90 MIN
This ultra-relaxing treatment combines aromatherapy with a marine body wrap to improve health and well being. After a welcome massage to soothe tensions, the Therapist performs reflex techniques on the feet. The natural marine mud is enhanced with essential oils and applied to the body.
You will be wrapped in a thermal blanket while it infuses its benefits. After the wrap is removed, a light massage is carried out with the chosen blend of essential oils.

Thalgo Merveille Arctique Ritual
2 hours R2100
Discover the wonders of polar nature: immaculate white icy landscapes, hot water springs and underwater flora, to enjoy an exhilarating Spa experience. Abandon yourself to the benefits of age-old Nordic rituals, in which soothing warmth and reviving freshness alternate to relax the body and release tension.

Lipocavitation Slimming Sessions
Fat dissolve, sculpting and weight loss
1 area x 60 min Session R520
1 area plus thermal wrap R650
weight loss diet plan R250 

Express Manicure 30 min R130
Manicure R210
Gel Overlay Manicure R325
Shellac Gel Mani Overlay R450
French Manicure R295
Acrylic Full Natural Built Nails R350,00 –
Acrylic French Tips R280,00
Acrylic with Gel Overlay R450

Express Pedicure R150
Therapeutic Pedicure R250
Pedicure R350,00
Gel Overlay R385,00
Elim Foot Peel R185

Spa Tinting
Lash Tint R95,00
Brow Tint R65,00
Lash & Brow Tint R175,00
Lash Lift R350
Lash Lift & Tint R420

Sunbed Session R95 for 30 min
Spray Tan R295 per session

Spa Waxing
Eyebrow Shape R135
Lip/Chin R110
Ear Wax R110
Nose Wax R195
Face Wax R285
Fingers/Toes R110
Underarm R145
Basic Bikini Line R165
Brazillian R420
Full Leg R250
1/2 Leg R185



Treatment area
Unibrow middle R150
Eyebrows; upper lip; toes; nipples R300
Half beard male/ chin female R475
Full beard male/ full face lady R675
Chin Small/ Umbilicus R325
Underarms R575
Arms top/bottom half R695
Arms full R1100
Bikini normal R595
Bikini G-string/extensive R795
Bikini Landing strip R995
Bikini Full Monty R1150
Buttocks R850
Back (shoulders only) R975
Back (flanks and shoulders) R1975
Back (Full) R2900
Chest (small) R775
Chest (Med) R1250
Chest (Full) R2500
Half leg (without knees) R1400
Half leg (including knees) R1850
Full Leg female R3000
Full leg Male R3500
Hands/ feet R300

Upper lip + Brows R450
Underarm + Bikini normal R900
Underarm + Bikini G-string R1100
Underarm + Bikini Hollywood R1400
Underarm +Bikini (G-string) + ½ leg R2250
Larger area (full price) + Smaller area (less 20%)

Supplementary Treatments
Small area < 25 shots R500
Medium area 25-50 shots R750
Large area 50-100 shots R1250
Extra (25 shots) R250
Shot Price 20/ shot (min charge 250)

Hyper Pigmentation
Facial R450
Décolleté’ R750
Arms R1350
Hands R350
Shot Price 20/ shot (min charge 250)

Skin Rejuvenation
Healing (per area) R200
Light Laser Facial R600
Extended Light Laser Facial R800
Intensive Laser Facial R900
Extended Intensive Laser Facial R1100


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