Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal uses advanced laser light technology, which targets the melanin within the hair follicle. The laser light is then absorbed into the root of the hair, destroying the hair cells and stunting regrowth of hair. There is no damage caused during this treatment to the surrounding skin and is considered safe and effective.

Afrika Kusini Aesthetics Laser & Spa only uses FDA approved laser technology, which delivers superior results with no downtime.

Yes. All of our machines are FDA approved and have little to no side effects and do not appear to be any long-term health risks associated with the procedure.

Because we use the latest technology, we pride ourselves in offering painless laser hair removal treatments.
This is one treatment that is highly effective in resolving the ingrown hair problem. Laser hair removal goes to the root of the problem, literally. The laser energy is absorbed into the hair follicle destroying its ability to produce hair. Along with getting rid of the ingrown hairs and bumps, laser hair removal also helps to alleviate any skin discoloration caused by the ingrown hairs.
Minimum of 8-12 treatments depending on the area. Treatments are generally spaced 4-12 weeks apart and will require 15-60 minutes depending on the particular area being treated.
Hair removal works best when hairs are in the anagen hair growth cycle. All hairs in any one area, at any given time, are never in this stage simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to have multiple treatments in order to catch all hairs in their anagen hair growth cycle.
Depending on the client’s skin and hair type, results are typically seen after a complete course of 8-12 treatments. In some instances, individuals may require more than 12 sessions for a complete result.
Absolutely. Our advanced technology gives us the opportunity to treat all skin types.
We recommend 18 years of age and above. This is because permanent hair removal works best once all your hair follicles have fully developed. Hair follicle development occurs during puberty and thus it is usually best to wait until adulthood to have permanent hair removal.
However, in cases when someone younger than 18 is suffering self-esteem issues due to dark or unwanted hair growth on the face or body, we will consider them for hair removal with the consent of a parent or guardian. Our team is very understanding and discreet, as we are dedicated to eliminating unwanted hair for all.
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